Where would you like to be?? ✈️

Now that life seems to get back on track and as countries reopen their borders across Europe, we are starting to believe that summer will not be cancelled!

Covid-19 pandemic is being contained and after all this time on lockdown, we will need to adapt and create new habits and new behaviours. From working to travelling, going to a concert or to a restaurant.

Portugal is open and ‘tourists are welcome’, says the country’s foreign minister Augusto Santos Silva in an interview for the Portuguese newspaper Observador. Travellers arriving by air will not be quarantined and instead, they will face only ‘minimal health controls’ in accordance with the country’s lockdown rules.

Besides, Portugal is the first European country to receive the ‘Safe Travels’ seal distinction from the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC)! This seal aims at the recognition of any destination that complies with health and hygiene protocols in line with the Safe Travel Protocols issued by the WTTC, helping, above all, to guarantee confidence in consumers and promote safe travels as soon as restrictions are applied.

So, with all of that in mind, what would be your favourite locations in Portugal you would love to explore?

We’ve put a list of 5 tranquil destinations everyone should know, from the north to the south of the country.

Fisherman perched on the stunning coastline of Portugal.
Peniche faces the immense power of the Atlantic Ocean, with huge waves rolling onto the sandy beaches and

Here are the 5th most tranquil destinations in Portugal for you to explore

Lush mountains and meandering rivers, the hilltop villages and picturesque landscapes are waiting for you in the most secluded spots in the Portuguese countryside.

But where is exactly the best place to escape right now?

1. Marvão, Alentejo

Close to Spain, the beautiful town of Marvão is found between Castelo de Vide and Portalegre, on the highest crest of the Serra de São Mamede. A picturesque walled town of white houses, narrow cobbled streets, Gothic arches, Manueline windows and a magnificent castle!

Rooted in tradition, this region was a point of natural strategic defence and one of the main reasons for visiting Marvão is the beautiful view over the surrounding region, with panoramic views of the Alto Alentejo countryside.

You’ll find a true connection with Nature by trekking through cork oak and olive trees and by breathing the distinct aroma of nature and walk along ancient cobbled Roman roads.

Stone castle in a garden full of flowers.
Scenes from a postcard! Can you imagine the serene ambience?

2. Lousã, Coimbra

Have you heard about the Schist Villages?

Scattered around Portugal and featuring small numbers of pre-17th century stone homes that vary in architecture from village to village, the schist villages offer a touristic experience like no other, stretching east, away from the coast toward the lush, mountainous interior.

Talasnal, one of the first villages, is a 30-minute drive from Lousã and remains almost intact since the end of the 19th century and offers a singular view of an isolated, usually unseen part of medieval Portugal.

If unique is what you see, you must go there!

Rural houses in the middle of the vegetation in Portugal, looks like a movie set.
Discover the charm of Portugal in its most genuine state. Travel back through time!

3. Rota Vicentina, Algarve-Alentejo

Rota Vicentina is a coastal nature reserve with a strong emphasis on habitats and the local way of life.

With a unique network of paths and trails for walkers, you’ll be able to discover the coast of southern Portugal as it passes through two regions, the Algarve and Alentejo.

From traditional villages and dense forests to the beautiful coast with its outstanding views of the Atlantic ocean, here is an opportunity for you to get away from the crowds and the noise and feel in harmony with Nature, close to the heart of the villages and getting to know the most unexplored regions in Portugal.

4. Azores

Only a two hours flight from Portugal’s mainland, a wild and well-preserved archipelago is peacefully in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean: The Azores.

It is frequently considered a reference for sustainable tourism destinations and a private paradise where nature, tourism and leisure co-exist!

With its wide range of landscapes and geologic characteristics, the Azores is one of the most beautiful archipelagoes in the world. Moreover its “authentic, unspoiled and likely to remain” environment allows to experience nature in a unique way.

5. Madeira

There are endless reasons for you to escape and visit Madeira!

Simply put it, Madeira is a jewel: the people, the land, even the air is delicious and we highly recommend visiting this region if you love nature if you enjoy great food, a warm culture and breathtaking views at every turn.

Madeira is one of the two autonomous regions of Portugal (the other being the Azores). It is an archipelago situated in the North Atlantic Ocean.

In addition to its stunning landscapes and exuberant mountains, the archipelago offers a mild climate all year round, a warm welcome, peace, safety and security which all together make your holidays unforgettable!

“One of the greatest tourist attractions of the Island of Madeira lies in its spectacular landscape. Its luxurious vegetation continues to fascinate all those closely drawn to nature.”

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Green tropical landscape with fog and a waterfall in the background.
Madeira island is home to several endemic plant and animal species. Look at this scenery! Layers and layers of nature, matured and merged together to create an exquisite site.

Embrace Nature and Escape from the City

Now that we presented you with five unique recommendations, we are sure you’ll be thinking during the next couple of weeks wich destination to choose!

And we know that it can be difficult due to the richness of each region but whatever your decision we are sure you will be in loved and above all, be safe and relaxed, in the middle of Nature.

Choose wisely!

Remember that many countries are still warning against all non-essential travel. Please, always check the relevant restrictions before you think about travelling.