What matters most in life? ? ✈️

Eventually, the Covid-19 pandemic will be contained and after all this time on lockdown, we will need to shift for another way of living; after all, these challenging times reinforce the importance of our choices and will reinvent people’s understanding of what matters most in their own lives.

From health and wellbeing to the diversity of regions to explore, travel will also suffer a shift of paradigm: as the telegraph wrote on an article about travelling to Portugal after Covid-19:

In the new dawn of travel, when the starting gun has sounded and we are all longing for a taste of the unknown, exotic or merely different, Portugal is that rare thing of being near but with beaches that rival the Caribbean, of being foreign but familiar.

The Telegraph, 2020
The typical scenes in Portugal were replaced by an empty city looking for brighter days to invite people over its traditional cobbled streets

And we couldn’t say it better.

We don’t know exactly how things will work, if Portugal will have summer tourists arriving or how businesses will survive (especially the family-run businesses that represent generations of hard work and take a big part of Portugal’s personality), but we know Portuguese people are resilient and our government is taking gradual measures to ease the lockdown.

With that in mind, we’re hopeful that things will get back on track; not precisely the way we used to live but close enough so we can enjoy the comfort and company of our loved ones and maybe schedule some travel plans to make 2020 still worth!

Here are 5 reasons why Portugal should be on your bucket list and the first-holiday pick after lockdown is over

Year-round Sunshine in Portugal

Always the sun… we know, we know. But during the last months of quarantine, we came to terms with one thing that we think you’ll agree too: sun and vitamin D are vital! Are you enjoying the sun from your balcony or window right?

Now, picture an idyllic place, remote and quiet that offers you a moment of serenity and escape from the unprecedented times we’ve been living. In Portugal, we have one of the most stable climates in the world alongside approximately 3,300 hours of sunshine per year.

The man and the sea: a distant memory of people enjoying the sunny days in Lisbon, near Praça do Comércio

One of the Safest Destinations in Europe (and in the World)

As the pandemic evolves we see how much a country can change: economically, politically and socially. As one should expect, when the economy suffers and people are not allowed to go out, new challenges arrive and safety will be increasingly fragile.

Safety is always an important factor when choosing a specific country to travel since you want to be able to enjoy your life there, or the holidays that you spend there, in peace.

Luckily, Portugal ranks as the third safest country in the world, mainly because the political climate in the country has been stable for years, and crime rates in Portugal are some of the lowest in Europe.

Safe places make people happy: MAAT (Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology) in Lisbon, circa 2019

High-Quality Portuguese Health Care System 

Travelling and being healthy will go hand in hand when Covid-19 is contained and for that, Portugal has health care of high quality and for foreigners at a really inexpensive price.

With universal health coverage through its publically financed National Health Service, our country displays basic national health coverage in local and regional health centres as well as in hospitals.

The healthcare system for foreigners in Portugal has gradually improved over the past ten years

Portugal: a friendly and inviting country

“Friends will be friends when you’re in need of love they give you care and attention.”

Freddie sings it and the lyrics suit Portugal perfectly!

From the north to the south, people in our country are known for being really inviting and kind to everyone who travels here. When you’re in need there’s always someone who will ask if you need help or try to understand your questions or doubts.

Nowadays, with constant flocks of tourists visiting the country, people are more aware and try to be helpful as much as possible so it won’t be difficult to connect with the Portuguese community.

P.s – Plus, don’t you ever forget we love to talk for hours while we are eating the most delicious food and there are lots of Portuguese who speak English/Spanish/French fluently.

It’s a fact: Portuguese people are known for being a very friendly and inviting community!

Find Quality of Life in Portugal

Now that you already know the 4 reasons, this last one is kinda obvious.

Summing up all that Portugal has to offer, one of the main criteria people always look when travelling abroad, especially considering travel planning in the future, is the quality of life in the chosen destination and the healthy living.

No matter what, what matters the most is our health and wellbeing, to connect with nature, the local people and the typical cities, to rejoice in a spontaneous place along with the love of your life.

Healthy mind, healthy body: Portugal offers natural escapes for you to revitalise and enjoy the tranquil spirit of Portuguese regions

Have you made up your mind?

It will take some time until our travel plans get wings and fly away (literally), but we know that Portugal will get out of these troubled times stronger than ever.

If we need to shift paradigms let’s keep our focus on what we can do to help each other and continue our path towards the preservation of tradition and the reinforcement of our kind spirits.

We will continue to welcome everyone who wishes to live brightest and memorable experiences in our country.

Hope to see you very very soon!