Proudly Portugal launched in 2019 to promote the country as an LGBTI+-friendly destination, showcasing its most beautiful locations and emphasising its inclusive and respectful social environment. In 2023, our focus expanded from travel and tourism to showcase Portugal as a place to live, work, and invest.

How it started

Over the past two decades, Portugal set initiatives in motion to expand the visibility of the LGTBI+ community. In particular, substantial changes were made to the country’s legal framework, from laws protecting against discrimination based on sexual orientation, to the legalisation of same-sex marriage, and the right of trans people to gender self-determination. 

As a result, Portugal gained worldwide recognition as one of the safest and most inclusive countries for the LGBTI+ community. Against this background, Variações (the LGBTI+ Business and Tourism Association of Portugal), with the support of Turismo de Portugal (the national tourism board), developed its first campaign to present Portugal as a leading LGBTI+ travel destination. 

Beginning in 2019, Portugal. Travel to Feel. highlighted Portugal as one of the best places for LGBTI+-travellers to visit. In 2023, Portugal = Feel took this vision further, to show how much one can experience in this beautiful country. With so many opportunities to explore in Portugal, we want you to see how you can be a part of it! 

Proudly Portugal presents to you the wonders of our country, not just as an open and accepting place for the LGBTI+ community, but also as one in which to make a living and build a life.

Meet the team

Diogo Vieira da Silva

Diogo Vieira da Silva is a co-founder and President of Variações since 2018. He became an LGBTI+ activist at a young age, having joined several projects, including leading Portugal in the European coordination of the It Gets Better Project from 2017 to 2018. As a business analyst passionate about Diversity and Inclusion, he serves as a curator for the Culturgest Foundation’s international conference on Diversity & Inclusion issues. He holds degrees in International Trade, Hospitality Management, Digital Marketing, an MBA and is currently finalising the master’s degree in LGBTI+ Tourism at the University of Barcelona. 

Misha Pinkhasov

Misha Pinkhasov is an expert in communications and social responsibility. Born in Moscow and raised in New York, he worked in media, public policy, and international relations there and for 15 years in Paris. Since 2014, Misha lives in Lisbon, where he writes and consults, and teaches at the Nova School of Business and Economics. 

“Proudly Portugal is a beacon of hope and inclusivity, shining bright as we celebrate our diverse and vibrant LGBTI+ community, while fostering a sustainable, supportive ecosystem that empowers everyone to contribute to our communities’ prosperity.”

Diogo Vieira da Silva, Co-founder and President of Variações

“Proudly Portugal offers a virtuous cycle: while highlighting the country’s welcoming environment, it nurtures local LGBTI+ economic empowerment, enabling our community’s role in national well-being.”

Misha Pinkhasov, International Communications Advisor