The Umbrella Sky Project takes once more, the streets of central Águeda to world fame. By the way, they are back in town as Christmas decorations.

CNN Travel elected the most beautiful streets in several destinations around the world and Portugal was highlighted thanks to the colourful sites in central Águeda, in Aveiro.

Photo by Ricardo Resende, Unsplash
Photo by Ricardo Resende, Unsplash

Since 2011, the four main streets of Agueda, including Rua Luís de Camões, have been transformed into colourful, umbrella-shaded paradises.

According to the CNN Travel article, the umbrellas installation protests from the summer heat and provides a colourful backdrop.

The Umbrella Sky Project forms part of the town’s annual AgitÁgueda Art Festival, which takes place during July, where the streets are filled with umbrellas during the Summer. The organisation adds that the event is present in Águeda since 2012 and there are also other creative projects applied to park benches, walls or lampposts.

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For the umbrella sky project, cables are strung from the rooftops and hung with umbrellas, in a bid to mitigate against the summer heat, as well as provide a colourful backdrop from events and classes.

Since its debut, the initiative has attracted more and more tourists and is the reason for photographic pilgrimages: it is a worldwide success with millions of internet posts, particularly on Instagram, although similar initiatives have also sprung up all over the world.

By the way, Umbrella Sky is now back in Águeda as part of the Christmas decorations and illuminations: and of course, during the holiday season, the umbrellas bring lots of lights!

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