Elevate Your Relaxation Game: SaunApolo 56 is Your New Go-To!

Let yourself be enveloped by the charm and refinement of SaunApolo 56, a liberal and luxurious space created especially for your well-being, pleasure and relaxation. This oasis of tranquility and fun was the pioneer of hetero-friendly LGBTI+ saunas in Portugal, innovating since 2011 and opening its doors to men, women, transgender and liberal couples of all orientations and gender identities.

Enter a world of fantasy and surprises at SaunApolo 56, where the sophisticated decor, the select atmosphere and the limited amount of entrances guarantee a semi-elitist experience and impeccable hygiene, rare in liberal spaces. Here, satisfaction and comfort are priorities, and the facilities were designed to provide unique and unforgettable moments.

Immerse yourself in the various attractions provided by SaunApolo 56

✓ Relax in the pool with jacuzzi and waterfall;
✓ Enjoy the sauna and steam room cabins;
✓ Experience the therapeutic waterfalls to invigorate the body;
✓ Use the changing rooms with showers and lockers for added convenience;
✓ Explore the PlayGround with GloryHoles and Sling;
✓ Watch erotic movies in the porn/XXX cinema room;
✓ Enjoy intimate moments in the private cabins with TV and A/C;
✓ Satiate your hunger with delicious snacks in the area and snack bar service.

In addition, SaunApolo 56 offers to rent its space for events such as shootings, bachelor parties and mixed striptease sessions. Theme parties, such as masquerade and fetish parties, are also on the venue’s agenda. Open every day, SaunApolo 56 invites you to enjoy the experience at any time, either throughout the week or on weekends and holidays.

To provide a complete experience of relaxation and well-being, SaunApolo 56 has a team of therapists and massage therapists who specialise in relaxing, decompression, and tantric massages. And, for those who wish to explore the vibrant nightlife of cosmopolitan Lisbon, the SaunApolo 56 team also offers pre-defined LGBTI+ tours and custom LGBTI+ personal shopping experiences, ensuring unique moments of leisure and discovery.

Kiki Pais de Sousa: The name behind Lisbon’s sauna revolution

Proud of her project, SaunApolo 56, which opened at 56A Luciano Cordeiro Street in Lisbon on February 22, 2011, Kiki celebrates the courage and freedom the space provides:

“There is a side of me that is proud of my identity and orientation. I am very proud to be a trans person and to have been able to start a process that is very complicated when I was 45. This space gave me the courage to also do something that I had been putting off. It meant the freedom of choice, regardless of the consequences. It meant emotional independence.”

SaunApolo 56 is a refuge for everyone, whether transgender, gay, lesbian, or swinger, where each person finds a space dedicated exclusively to their well-being, pleasure, and relaxation.

Let yourself be captivated by this innovative and engaging experience, where limits are left outside and the freedom to be and live one’s own essence is celebrated in a warm and safe environment.

Wait no longer and come visit SaunApolo 56! Allow yourself to enjoy magical moments, where relaxation and pleasure come together in a symphony of sensations. Here, every detail was carefully thought out to provide the best experience possible, ensuring that all visitors feel welcome and respected.

Book your visit now and dive into this adventure! SaunApolo 56 is waiting for you!

Contact & Information

Rua Luciano Cordeiro 56A

1150-217 Lisboa, Portugal

Working hours:
Every day from 2 pm to 4 am

Check on Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/p7YykZg6guLedjQu7

+351 926 136 808

Website: https://www.saunapolo56.pt
Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

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