LGBTI+ Business Opportunities in Portugal

Welcome to Portugal, a nation that embraces diversity and inclusion and invites you to explore exciting investment possibilities!

Over the last few years, Portugal has emerged as a progressive, inclusive and peaceful nation, providing a supportive environment for the LGBTI+ community to thrive. As the demand for diversity and equality grows, Portugal has become an attractive destination for entrepreneurs and professionals looking to establish or expand their businesses.

With its thriving economy, strategic location, and dynamic market, an exciting range of opportunities await you in Portugal, where the legal framework, market trends, and consumer preferences make the country an ideal destination for LGBTI+-focused investment. 

The LGBTI+ market in Portugal

Every year, the LGBTI+ community in Portugal becomes more empowered, vocal and prominent. A key characteristic of the LGBTI+ market in Portugal is its diversity. The community encompasses a broad spectrum of individuals, each with unique identities, experiences, and interests. As a result, demand for products and services catering to this diversity is rising.

In the latest ILGA Europe Rainbow Map, Portugal has made impressive strides, climbing two positions from 9th to a noteworthy 7th rank. This progression underscores the nation’s unwavering commitment to promoting equality and inclusivity for the LGBTI+ community. 

The economic impact of the LGBTI+ market is substantial. LGBT Capital estimates Portugal’s LGBTI+ purchasing power in 2019 at around US$12 billion. This market covers a range of industries and sectors, such as travel, entertainment, hospitality, food, health, and more. It includes businesses catering to LGBTI+ individuals and mainstream businesses that actively seek the LGBTI+ community as customers. 

At the same time, for the last couple of years, the country has been recognised for its commitment to promoting equality and inclusivity, which also place Portugal on the map and attract the LGBTI+ community. According to the Spartacus Gay Travel Index, it secured fourth place along with Australia and Denmark.

Portugal was also featured as one of the best countries for LGBTI+ travel by achieving a prestigious standing in the LGBTI+ Travel Safety Index, meticulously curated by Asher and Lyric. Among the 203 countries assessed, Portugal proudly claimed the sixth spot, signifying its commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of the LGBTI+ community within its borders.

While specific figures for Portugal vary, the presence of businesses catering to LGBTI+ consumers, such as LGBTI+-focused hotels, bars, clubs, and tour operators, highlights the economic significance of this market.

7 Reasons to invest in Portugal

Strategic Location

Access to European markets, and convenient to the Americas and Africa.

Skilled Workforce

Strong language skills and world-class educational and training institutions.

Hub for Tech Companies

Home to the Web Summit and a digital startup ecosystem.

Attractive Consumer Market

A top and growing destination for LGBTI+ tourists and expats.

Competitive Business Environment

Ranked 39th out of 190 for Ease of Doing Business.  

Quality of Life

A pleasant climate, access to nature, affordable, safe, and accepting of diversity.

Foreigner Benefits

Visa and tax incentives for investors, entrepreneurs, and remote workers.  

Business resources, support
and networking opportunities

Portugal has several organizations and networks to support LGBTI+ entrepreneurs.

Variações, the Association of LGBTI+ Business and Tourism of Portugal is a professional network that provides support, resources, and contacts for LGBTI+ entrepreneurs. It aims to empower and promote the development of LGBTI+ businesses and initiatives, fostering an inclusive and diverse business landscape in Portugal. With the support of Turismo de Portugal in 2019, Variações developed Proudly Portugal, a campaign and platform to present Portugal as a leading LGBTI+ destination for travel, living, and investment.

ePortugal is the government services portal for residents and businesses. It provides a wealth of resources and information on investor visas, administrative procedures, public funding and financial incentives, licensing, training, and SME incubators and accelerators, particularly for businesses in the tourism, technology, and innovation sectors.

AICEP Portugal Global is the government agency dedicated to promoting foreign trade and investment in Portugal. InvestPortugal provides comprehensive information, guidance, and support to help entrepreneurs navigate the business landscape and connect them with relevant opportunities.

Tourism of Portugal runs an Invest in Portugal program to support entrepreneurs in the national travel and hospitality sectors. They have a qualified and experienced team, with insights into the industry and an extensive network of partners, ready to accompany new ventures through the process of finding opportunities, and financing and starting a business.

What to do

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