Revealed: Get to know the best nude Portuguese beaches for safety, temperature, LGBTQ+ friendliness and affordability

Are you an enthusiastic nudist and would love to explore the Portuguese paradisiac beaches? Or are you just curious about taking your first ‘nakation’?

Globehunters has rounded up the best beaches in the world for nudists to enjoy a day well spent as much in peace and comfort as possible.

The list of the world’s 45 best nude beaches has been recently published and it may help you choose your next holiday destination (You know what’s our suggestion right?)

  • From Portugal to the US, the best nudist beaches around the world aren’t just designated spaces where you can sunbathe naked.
  • Globehunters considered different factors including average summer temperature and local Airbnb prices to determine the top beaches where visitors could go nude.
  • The booking-comparison site then gave each nudist beach a score out of 100 and ranked the top 18 locations.

Globehunters top 18 best holiday destinations for nudists in 2020:

  1. Playa de Bolonia — Andalucia, Spain
  2. Punta Križ — Rovinj, Croatia
  3. Ilha Deserta — Faro, Portugal
  4. Sovinje — Island of Pašman, Croatia
  5. Platja des Cavallet — Ibiza, Spain
  6. Praia das Adegas — Algarve, Portugal
  7. Playa El Torn — Tarragona, Spain
  8. Praia de Bela Vista — Lisbon, Portugal
  9. Red Beach — Santorini, Greece
  10. Plakias Beach — Crete, Greece
  11. Mont Rose Beach — Marseille, France
  12. Hippie Hollow — Texas, US
  13. Wreck Beach — British Columbia, Canada
  14. Lecciona Beach — Tuscany, Italy
  15. Filaki Beach — Crete, Greece
  16. Patara Beach — Gelemiş, Turkey
  17. Kordovan Beach — Hvar, Croatia
  18. Cap d’Agde Beach — Hérault, France

The 3 Portuguese beaches in the world where you can be naked!

Globehunters ranked the 18 best beaches to be naked by looking at six factors – average summer temperature, summer sunshine hours, summer UV score, LGBTQ danger index, safety index score, and average Airbnb daily rate – to find an overall rating out of 100.

Discover these 3 beaches in Portugal:

Ilha Deserta — Faro, Portugal

Average summer temperature: 23.0 C (73.4 F)

Summer sunshine hours: 12

Summer UV score: 9

LGBTQ danger index: 306

Safety index score: 70.07

Average Airbnb daily rate: €116

Overall Score: 73.04/100

Praia das Adegas — Algarve, Portugal

Average summer temperature: 23.3 C (73.94 F)

Summer sunshine hours: 10

Summer UV score: 9

LGBTQ danger index: 306

Safety index score: 79.04

Average Airbnb daily rate: €131

Overall Score: 70.61/100

Praia de Bela Vista — Lisbon, Portugal

Average summer temperature: 22.7 C (72.86 F)

Summer sunshine hours: 10.3

Summer UV score: 8.7

LGBTQ danger index: 306

Safety index score: 72.42

Average Airbnb daily rate: €113

Overall Score: 70.50/100

Portugal is home to some truly epic beach scenery! Get to know the regions, from the north to the south of the country, and get lost in the renowned golden sands studded with incredible cliffs and rock formations.