Have you been thinking of visiting Portugal with your loved one? These 5 romantic getaways will transform your day and make you plan one of the most exciting adventures of your life.

We know that it can be really stressful to make sure that everything goes perfectly, so we wanted to take a little weight off your back by presenting you five of the most romantic places that Portugal hides.

Porto, Douro Region

Porto is, to many, the most romantic and picturesque city in Portugal. Renowned for treasures from 3 eras of architecture as well as Douro River winding its way to the ocean!

As probably many of you know, Porto, in northern Portugal is one of the biggest city in the country, alongside Lisbon. 

The two cities have their similarities, as they are located in the middle of hills, situated next to a river, and are both considered romantic cities, but in fact, they are a bit different.  

Porto is among the most magnificent places a couple can visit in Portugal, and its aura is a bit of a mystery which makes it a top attraction for lovers. You’ll find the best honeymoon attractions, the most delicious restaurants in the city and its Porto wine, that as a couple you will be thrilled to try. 

This romantic city has an old-world nostalgia thanks to its intricate ancient architecture, traditional tiles, and mosaics. While in Porto, make sure that you visit the interesting monuments and also the stellar wine cellars.

Serra da Estrela, Guarda

The highest and biggest national park in Portugal, offers you great views, walking trails, lakes, valleys and winding narrow roads.

Here we will introduce you to the second-highest mountain in Portugal: The Serra da Estrela.

Part of the Serra da Estrela Natural Park, it is one of the most visited areas by foreign and Portuguese tourists (who would say?). Especially in winter, when snow is ever-present, the ski resorts are one of the strongest attractions and the perfect destination to feel the romantic vibes!

It is also a region that stands out for its historical, cultural and gastronomic richness and a must for all romantics in the world.

Pena Palace, Sintra

One of the biggest tourist attractions in Sintra with a place that needs no introduction! 

The Pena Palace sits on a high peak of the Sintra Mountain, offering the most incredible views from the town for one of the most unique romantic getaways. One of the biggest tourist attractions in Sintra is a UNESCO Heritage Site, considered one of the 7 wonders of Portugal.

This architectural work of pure Romanticism, the cultural movement that emerged in Europe as from the second half of the 18th century, set the mood for the scenographic backgrounds with landscapes of vast forests and picturesque portraits of nature.

A great destination for you to spend a romantic day with your loved one, surrounded by Art and Nature.


For the best romantic places to visit in Portugal, Lisbon had to make it to the list!

No surprises right? For the best romantic places to visit in Portugal, Lisbon had to make it to the list. Besides being one of the most popular honeymoon destinations worldwide, Lisbon breathes love, in fact, the whole city is love. 

In the evening, for a romantic break, you can visit the Tagus River and have your dinner in one of the fantastic restaurants there, but you can also choose for a more cultural activity like exploring the historical monument of Belém, the Belém Tower, which sits along the banks of this river.

For a bohemian kind of mood, we would recommend the restaurants in Alfama district that will give you finger-licking traditional delicacies. After the sunset, you have the Príncipe Real and Bairro Alto spots, ideal for a drink and dance the night away.

For those looking for a romantic adventure, Lisbon is the place you’re looking for!

Monsaraz, Alentejo

You won’t regret to explore the romantic, authentic and rich hidden places in Monsaraz.

Let’s travel to Alentejo! 

The village of Monsaraz, steeped in history and with a prolific heritage, is a must-see destination for a romantic weekend, away from distractions.

Monsaraz prospers on tourism, with a handful of restaurants, guesthouses and artisan shops, standing out as one of the most successful rural tourism destinations in Portugal, being one of the most sought-after places in the Alentejo.

From streets of narrow shale, white walls, the Alqueva, the surrounding medieval walls, traditional cuisine and a 100% tranquil setting for you to fall in love, we promise you won’t regret to explore these romantic getaways filled with authentic and rich hidden places in Monsaraz.

Vilamoura, Algarve

Vilamoura is definitely built for lovebirds, offering a fabulous diversity of experiences.

Looking for a romantic break in Southern Portugal? The region is best known for the sunny landscapes with the Algarve also being a honeymoon zone, where the west coast will offer you majestic places to visit with your loved one.

Vilamoura is definitely built for lovebirds, offering a fabulous diversity of experiences. Modern and posh, you’ll find plenty of restaurant options, beaches nearby, a casino, riding school and a choice of nightclubs. 

With nature surrounding the entire Algarve region, you’ll also be able to decide whether you want to explore the quiet pine forests ambles, enjoy the sunny days alongside the Atlantic beaches or if you wanna travel close places such as the historical city of Faro and the Ria Formosa Estuary. 

What’s your next destination?

It’s up to you now! Portugal offers a wide selection of sceneries, landscapes, regions and activities to experience while you’re in the country.

From the north to the south, make sure you choose what suits you best in terms of romantic getaways.

If you’re a nature’s lover why not head to Monsaraz ou Sintra? If you enjoy the most urban and cosmopolitan vibes of romantic breaks such as Porto or Lisbon, you already know what to expect and what to find. Of course, once you’re here the adventure will take you to other experiences, but we are pretty sure you’ll find it romanticly memorable, here in Portugal.


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