Colourful Vibes in Porto

Irina was born with a soft heart and an intense spirit. Her fierce passion for dance led her to know the entire world to share skills and build experience. The freedom of expression she found in this art form combines with her love for a challenge. Street dance is like an escape room to Irina. 

An imaginary place where her moves breathe with the city. A personal bubble where the rhythm of the music mirrors the sounds of her existence. That’s why Irina travels. To find inspiration, to look for places with a cosmopolitan mood, a fast pace and a vibrant pulse. Places just like the city of Porto.

Street Art is all around in Porto, and you’ll find several buildings decorated with breathtaking works. Here you have Rua da Cedofeita adorned with Youthone’s colourful graffiti!

Feel the creative and bohemian vibe of the country

Travelling is a colourful experience. It involves feelings. It excites you, it scares you, and it definitely rewards you. Opening horizons and experiencing different cultures means enjoying new sights, connecting with new incredible people, and feeling the spirit of lands and locals. 

Portugal welcomes this diversity and wants to show you the possibility of limitless encounters and unforgettable adventures. Portugal is Europe’s new LGBTI spot, and Porto is definitely the place to be! With its cafés, terraces and picturesque corners, in Porto you will get a flavour of both a youthful and traditional atmospheres.

Find Art in its many forms

Porto breathes a cosmopolitan lifestyle, with a fascinating and vibrant cultural programme and there are many sides to this city from which to choose and explore.

From the emblematic warren of narrow streets to the strikingly ornate, tiles-clad Capela das Almas “Chapel of the Souls” at Rua de Santa Catarina (on your left) and the trendy Zona da Ribeira, with the local Porto wine cellars, there’s so much to see and to do, but surely you will not want to miss the buzzing nightlife and the LGBTI scene! 

Porto is a gateway between ages. It is vibrant, historical, bubbly and classic all at the same time.

Portugal is all the Colours!

Porto is quickly becoming one of the most popular LGBTI tourist destinations in Europe. Centuries of history have built Porto’s undeniable heritage and shaped its strong character. Today the city offers a pulsing lifestyle.

There’s a burgeoning arts scene, and an exquisite food offer, with fantastic street art pieces in every corner, such as visual artist Joana Vasconcelos’s major public art piece (seen here) near the Clérigos.

Attractions in Gay Porto

Gay nightlife in Porto takes place in many bars and clubs offering parties and events.

The LGBTI community enjoys an atmosphere of respect and acceptance as Portugal has a progressive legal frame concerning gay rights. Gay marriage, same-sex adoption, a simplified process of legal gender identification and even a ban on discrimination based on sexual orientation are ensured in its Constitution.

Porto’s gay scene serves up a variety of cultural events and the biggest of these is Porto Pride in September, the annual event, and there is also Queer Porto – Porto International Queer Film Festival, in October. If you are looking for smaller events, it will be pretty easy to experience Porto’s gay spirit throughout the year and you can always find out more by asking around. We definitely know how to be a great host!

Add to this mix all the gorgeous places, museums and art galleries, street-art corners, plenty of sunshine and various adventures in the vineyards/beaches and you will understand the ‘Invicta’ romance.

A myriad of choices: what will you choose?

The picturesque view of Zona da Ribeira, in downtown Porto. Hold on to yourself because this sight is beyond amazing, it is mesmerising!

Dare to take a ride in this country.
Diversity is in order: history, culture, traditions, gastronomy and wines are among the top reasons to visit Portugal, not to mention the stunning beaches, music festivals and the warm, welcoming people.

Awarded with the World Travel Awards, Portugal was elected as the World’s Best Destination. Check Lisbon and Porto all-year-round agendas, you will find many cultural events, like music festivals, fashion weeks, cinema exhibitions, and many others. Let yourself be overwhelmed by the vast offer Portugal has for you.

Colour outside the lines… In a city as vibrant as your soul. 

Portugal. Travel to feel.

Top Things to do when in Portugal

In the list below you will find several suggestions based on Porto’s eclectic vibe.

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