Historic Routes in Algarve

Travelling alone is a unique experience of self-discovery. Heading wherever (whenever) you want allows you to absorb new places and atmospheres at your own rhythm and with all your attention. 

You get to know new people and share genuine smiles – it’s a one of a kind experience. 

Paco is a citizen of the world, a dreamer and a life lover. He travels solo, and his heart merges with the vibration of exploring new places which are deeply rooted in all sorts of castles, knights and magic tales. In Faro, Paco came to find the perfect set to endeavour his journey of self-discovery. 

Located inside the castle walls and inside a convent built in the 15th-century, the Faro museum offers a glimpse of history really worth knowing. Close to the city centre, Paco walks around the museum’s pleasant courtyard.

Explore one of the oldest countries in the world

Paco chose to discover Portugal and its southern region, with the city of Faro in his mindset. He was drawn by its tangible legacy – a small yet enchanting historical centre rests within ancient walls. The gothic cathedral, the Bishop’s palace, beautiful cobbled backstreets, and many details of the remaining Moorish rule legacy.

Immersed in that alluring atmosphere, Paco imagines a thousand tales of knights and fairies, treasures and conquests, love and drama. Portugal holds formidable buildings in stunning locations, telling true legends of kings and queens, each revealing in detail the distinct Portuguese character embedded in its history.

The Marina is quite central to Faro and walking along it leads you to the Faro Cathedral and the Faro Castle. A relaxing area with hotels nearby, bars, boat hirings, restaurants, outdoor seating and artistic venues to explore.

The sunny Algarve invites you to join in!

Faro is the capital of the Algarve, the sunny southern region of Portugal.

In its core, you can discover the beating heart of the old town, Vila Adentro, as well as the 16th-century Renaissance Convento de Nossa Senhora da Assunção. Lying where a Jewish quarter once was, this special place represents much of Portugal’s ancestry. Somehow, it managed to endure the ages and cultures, surviving overtime throughout changes and transformations.

Be part of Portugal’s history

Today, it is the town’s history museum, housing an archaeological collection, including a 3rd-century Mosaic of the Ocean, 9th to 13th-century Islamic artefacts and many more. It exhales legends that capture one’s imagination while teaching us the Portuguese traditions.

On your left stands the statue of King Afonso III, situated at the entrance of the museum, and an important figure responsible for the Algarvian reconquest in 1249.

Each fairy tale palace, enchanted castle, mystical monastery – go out and explore!

Quirky places and magical experiences

Portugal was born in 1143, which makes it one of the oldest countries in Europe. Today, it is also one of the most LGBTI-friendly and safest tourist destinations. In the 15th and 16th-centuries, Portugal pioneered The Discoveries. Since then, Portuguese societies initiated a valuable exchange with different cultures and religions from all the corners of the Earth.

The uniqueness of this country’s past blends with its modern contemporary lifestyle. In Portugal, you can imagine tales and stories by gazing at historical monuments and epic landmarks, while enjoying an environment of social acceptance and respectfulness.

Discover the country sites and make it a Fairy Tale of your own

The uniqueness of Portugal’s past blends with its modern contemporary lifestyle. The country holds 14 UNESCO cultural sites, and in all of them, you can learn real-life stories of kings and knights, travels and discoveries. 

Legends await to be rewritten by you. 

In a world of fairytales… Write your own story.

Portugal. Travel, to feel.

Top unmissable sites to visit when in Portugal

In the list below, you will find several suggestions based on Faro’s historical atmosphere.