Love has a name at Quinta do Lago

Nick and Paul have been together for more than 20 years now. For these Londoners, the quick-paced routine of full-time jobs in the high finance world makes it hard to unplug from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

There are times when both Nick and Paul feel the need to restore their inner balance. If they could stop time for a while and just take a look around them… Breathe in, breathe out, holding hands and seizing the moment.

This natural shinning jewel set on the south coast of Portugal is the perfect destination to bask in, along with the marvellous setting of the vast sea, exquisite beaches and green and blue bays.

A High-End Bliss awaits you in Portugal

When tiredness kicks in, Nick and Paul always come to Quinta do Lago. Portugal is a well-known destination for Britons who, just like Nick and Paul, are particularly fond of the Algarve.

No wonder! The region offers tempting treats for those looking for a wellness escape: luxury resorts, green and blue bays, sea caves, orange cliffs, golden beaches, sandy islands and warm smiles.

Hold hands and feel the Breathtaking Scenery

Quinta do Lago is a special community nestled within the privacy and safety of the Ria Formosa Natural Reserve. 

This southern spot in Portugal has become synonymous with all-year-round warm weather, idyllic beaches, an active outdoor lifestyle and top-class restaurants.

Dive into this sun-kissed paradise, absorb its charming sights and make memorable experiences to take back home. Visit the unspoiled and quaint villages, where traces of Moorish architecture are still intact. Let breathtaking landscapes soak into your spirit and unwind from your worries. 

Many times a short break away from routine is just the right amount of adventure you need to lift your spirit up.

Break out from the routine and embrace the Slow Pace of Life

Portugal is a hospitality expert. For decades we have been welcoming tourism, and we do it as per the world’s highest standards. From luxury hotels and dedicated infrastructures to 5-star’ amenities provided by top professionals. 

Savour the finest cocktails in Lisbon rooftops, exquisite seafood in Olhão or delicate wine in Porto. Whether you pick the hilly north or the sunny south, one thing is certain: you’ll take home plenty of unforgettable memories.

Portugal delivers all the conditions you need to relax, enabling you to forget the world outside and indulge in moments of pure tranquillity.

The Great Escape

Many times a short break away from routine is just the right amount of adventure you need to lift your spirit up. Creating memories to where you can mentally evade when stress kicks in. 

Luxury doesn’t always mean exquisite or fancy experiences, but the privilege of enjoying simple yet unique moments that can nurture your soul and bring your heart to the calmness of pleasant days. In Portugal, you can find diverse options that will guide you to a place of wellness and joyful energies. Recharge as you contemplate the sunset by the sea. Share views with your beloved one.

A hidden gem you’ve just found out about!

Outdoor activities are available for those who prefer to stay active! Quinta do Lago is known for being a golfer’s paradise, that also offers unique running and jogging pathways with amazing views for you to escape the routine and relax in the Algarve.

Outdoor activities such as tennis, golf, horse-riding or water sports, are available for those who prefer to stay active. But you can also just sit still and feel the air around you. Scent a low tide, taste some fresh seafood, listen to the quietness of a sunrise. Pleasant memories from the most scented and bright corner of Europe.

Portugal has been awarded in 2019 with best European Tourist Destination by the World Travel Awards, the Oscars equivalent in the field of tourism. The country is growing in popularity every year and is among the 20 most visited countries in the world, receiving an average of 13 million foreign tourists annually.

Give yourself to the Portuguese way of life and be surprised by the vast offer the country has for you.

Unveil unique secrets, away from distractions… Where Love has a name.

10 Romantic getaways to encounter in Portugal

In the list below, you will find an agenda filled with memorable activities to do based on the stress-free atmosphere of the Algarve