Considered one of the best LGBTI+-friendly countries in the world, Portugal is now becoming a more appealing travel destination for the community. Learn why!

Choosing a place to call home may be a challenging experience. The requirements may be simple for some: good weather and tasty food might be convincing enough. However, this doesn’t apply to everyone. Going to a country without knowing whether they would accept us for who we are is a long-standing struggle for the LGBTI+ community! For Portugal, this means ensuring that history doesn’t repeat itself and that we move towards a more inclusive and egalitarian society.

One of the best destinations for LGBTI+ travellers

Considered one of the safest countries in the world and one of the best-friendly destinations for LGBTI+ travellers, Portugal is now becoming a more appealing destination to visit, invest, relocate, or even work remotely.

In recent years, Portugal has been experiencing a significant increase in the real estate and business industry by the LGBTI+ community. Why, you may ask? Well, there are various reasons why. For some, it’s the ideal location, the safety, inclusive laws, climate, stunning beaches, and slow pace of life, while for others, it’s the cost of living. They’re all valid reasons that make Portugal such an attractive travel destination.

This image depicts strolling through the colourful streets of Portugal as a unique experience.
Strolling through the colourful streets of Portugal is a unique experience!

LGBTI+ market in Portugal: an overview

For us, these factors signify that Portugal can be an excellent place to invest and establish a business. Because it is yet an unexplored market, it has also given us the opportunity to set the bar by creating and expanding a brand new segment within the LGBTI+ community.

Real estate, on the other hand, has been a popular area of interest for LGBTI+ couples in the last couple of years.

Lisbon, Porto, and the Algarve are recognised as the safest cities, but it’s the capital that proves to be the most popular choice. This happens mostly due to the presence of LGBTI+-friendly neighbourhoods and affordable prices on the outskirts of town.

What about remote working and being a digital nomad in Portugal?

Either for living or creating a new business, Portugal is constantly coming out on top as one of the best destinations to explore.

More recently, and according to the Work from Wherever Index released by Kayak, the world’s leading travel search engine, Portugal ranked first as the best country in the world for remote work, ahead of countries like Spain and Japan, thanks to its accessibility for remote workers, great weather, safety, and high English proficiency. 

Image of three people working remotely on their computers.
Remote work is becoming an increasingly popular option for many who prefer to work independently and enjoy the freedom of life.

Remote working in Portugal is an excellent choice for freelancers and remote workers, considering the low cost of living, internet connectivity, and wide range of activities. 

In addition, Portugal ranked the world’s best country for digital nomads in 2022. As of October 30th 2022, Portugal’s new Digital Nomad Visa was launched, allowing remote workers to be granted a year-long visa to work in Portugal, so long as they meet the requirements.

Portugal is indeed a destination to keep on your list.

Whether you wish to spend a few weeks in the Summer, enjoy working remotely, or are trying to create a new project in an unexplored market, this could be your chance!

Our recommendation? Whatever you choose, choose wisely!